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How Vivek Shraya Uses Beauty & Fashion to Explore Identity

Though Satisfaction Thirty day period is a great time of year to look back again on how significantly the LGBTQ+ neighborhood has arrive and to celebrate all of the achievements of queer and trans pioneers of generations earlier, there is still a lot of essential operate that requires to be performed when it arrives to equality and illustration — operate that extends past just a single thirty day period out of the year.

Common and beloved retailer Nordstrom understands this importance and is doing work all through the overall calendar year — not just Satisfaction Thirty day period — to both highlight LGBTQ-owned/-founded manufacturers and to carry items that benefit and give back to queer people!

Considering that the LGBTQ+ group has our possess set of unique desires, carrying merchandise that are created by and for us is main, and local community associates, like musician, writer, professor, and visual artist Vivek Shraya, who outlets for products at Nordstrom to assistance her express herself and her identification.

Out acquired the prospect to capture up with Shraya to chat about her style and natural beauty inspo, the longtime commitment from Nordstrom to the LGBTQ+ neighborhood, feeling witnessed, and so significantly extra! And to learn additional, stop by!

Photograph Credit score: Ariane Laezza

Out: Could you describe your relationship with style and elegance and how large of a aspect it plays in your total artistry and self-graphic?

Vivek Shraya: I actually see style as just yet another variety of creative imagination and a different form of artistic expression. I see it as an extension of the work that I’m performing. I really don’t see it as individual. It really is not like here’s fashion and this is art. To me, individuals worlds go hand-in-hand, and frequently I use manner to further the intention of whatsoever challenge I’m doing the job on or placing out into the entire world. For instance, I just put out a e book known as Folks Alter before this year and the aesthetics that we selected are extremely a lot tied to wanting to even more the information in the ebook. So yeah, those points, to me, go hand-in-hand.

In your own words, how would you describe your type/aesthetic?

My makeup artist normally jokes that I am a “extra is more” person, which is funny mainly because I see myself as a minimalist. So, I believe that I have a tendency to be drawn to shade a ton. I consider coming from an Indian qualifications, it really is about excess and colour and add-ons. But yeah, I’m attempting to summarize how else I would explain my fashion. I indicate, I feel I’m a cross amongst Sporty Spice and Posh Spice.

I like that. And according to the TikTok girlies and the young young ones, maximalism is in.

Which is fantastic to know. Yeah, it really is just amusing due to the fact I am often like, ‘Oh I am such a minimalist,’ and my make-up artist is like, ‘No you’re not. I you should not consider you know what minimalism is.’ So, yeah.

How long have you been cultivating your very own exclusive perception of type and elegance?

I think that just one of the unusual byproducts of homophobia, which for me, I would say commenced possibly in advance of I even acknowledged it. But when I type of identify it or when I say that it turned most obvious to me was grade 7. One of the peculiar byproducts of overt homophobia is when a person tells you there is something improper with who you are and how you appear. I imagine 1 of the beautiful points that queer people today do is we normally subvert that kind of attention and hatred or reclaim that kind of hatred and consideration by working with vogue as a way practically to stand out more. It can be a odd thing, it truly is like I’ve accomplished both equally in my twenties, I was really significantly about like hiding who I was. But I believe my initial response to homophobia was to really thrust myself out even extra and to refine my sense of individuality in a way that was even far more different.

To response your issue, I really feel like I’ve been cultivating my sense of style given that all around the similar time given that grade 7, because age 12. I think element of it is that it truly is also like a bizarre backfiring due to the fact I never know what I was contemplating. What I was hoping to do was suit in and however, due to the fact I have a queer sensibility, my tips of fitting in have usually been exterior the box. When the kids were being wearing their Club Monaco sweatshirts inside out, I was like, ‘Oh wonderful, I will wear my Club Monaco sweatshirt inside of out and my sweatpants within out,’ which was also a great deal. (Here we go, additional is more.) But I assume any of my tries to in shape in have been always overboard in a way mainly because I constantly desired to place my possess slant on it. I often wanted to put my personal touch on it. And I imagine that’s the thing that feels to me is that refusal to be like everybody else, to do points like everybody else. Even when I was attempting to conform, I was nonetheless pushing further than that. And I imagine that, yeah, I would really say that is a queer sensibility. 

Who or what are your beauty and manner inspirations?

Expanding up, certainly, my mom was my number 1 and 1st beauty inspiration. I truly usually believed she would look like a Bollywood actress and I just uncovered her so gorgeous and unquestionably was influenced by her aesthetic. Even now when I glance at photos of her in her twenties and thirties, she constantly color matched her bindi to her outfit. And I do that much too and I am rather certain that I bought that from her. Now I assume, clearly, up to date references. And then I imagine in my teenagers, I would say Madonna was probably like a actually big a person for me. I know that she’s not cool with the kids any more, but for me, in the ’90s, Madonna was a actually, genuinely enormous impact on me.

Brad Pitt was also a genuinely enormous affect on me. Aesthetically, there was some thing about the actuality that he was regularly evolving his type, which I did not sense like we observed with a whole lot of male actors in Hollywood. In the ’90s, he went from lengthy hair to short hair and was continuously just transforming his appear, which I think was truly the frequent evolution of his type was genuinely appealing to me. Now certainly as an adult, Beyoncé, Rihanna, people are substantial, substantial influences for all of us. Unquestionably, for me.

Julia Roberts has been a hair reference a short while ago. I you should not know why it really is a whole lot of ’90s. I imply, for me the ’90s are just…it’s this sort of a nostalgic time for me simply because I grew up all through that time, but the ’90s are also even now in in a distinct way. I know we are slowly but surely shifting to the 2000’s, but I’m however type of have my head in the ’90s. I usually reference the ’90s, so like Julia Roberts is somebody not long ago, or ’90s supermodels, like that complete vibe. The supermodel era, individuals are typically illustrations or photos that I will have on my temper boards for tasks.

Nordstrom is fully commited to supporting and giving back again to the LGBTQ+ group by highlighting LGBTQ-owned and started manufacturers, as properly as merchandise that give back again to the local community. They carry so numerous items that give back and aid the queer neighborhood, like Be Proud by BP, The Phluid Task, Vans, and Coach, just to identify a couple of. And some of their associates incorporate the Hetrick Martin InstituteTrans Lifeline, HRC, and the Ali Forney Heart. And they are not just performing this for Pleasure Thirty day period, but during the rest of 2022 as perfectly. As a member of the group, how does it sense to know a firm like Nordstrom is supporting us in this way?

That’s always really fantastic to listen to. I imagine it’s vital for us to be recognized as not just a common client sector, but the fact that we have really distinct consumer wants. And it’s excellent to hear that Nordstrom is dedicated to supporting us in that arena. For me, one particular of the factors that has really stood out about Nordstrom is really all around footwear and shoe dimensions. As a trans girl, I don’t have cis toes measurements. So, being ready to go on the Nordstrom website and promptly and accessibly look for for a shoe dimensions that suits me and have a great deal of possibilities actually, because a lot of sneakers have a tendency to end at a individual measurement rather of 9 footwear in my dimension in a section retail outlet, that to me feels like a kind of comprehending and not just in my shoe size, but basically larger sized shoe dimensions than nine, which is also like truly fantastic to see.

Nordstrom understanding that we have unique wants that usually are not just the typical consumer or the ordinary straight cis buyer, I consider to me that is what feels actually heartening.

What are some of your most loved Nordstrom-carried manufacturers that have helped you to convey by yourself fashion and attractiveness-intelligent and to flip out some lovable appears?

I assume the biggest a single for me is in fact MAC items. I am a massive lover of MAC and MAC makeup and Nordstrom experienced some exceptional solutions that I haven’t been equipped to come across at a general MAC shop. So, that’s excellent. The other products that I go to Nordstrom for include things like other makes like Clinique. I’ve been executing the 3-step plan with Clinique because I was in my mid-twenties, so, I typically locate they have a excellent range of Clinique items as well.

Picture Credit rating: Ariane Laezza

Nordstrom is also committing alone to range by highlighting not only LGBTQ+ makes, but brands from individuals of colour, which is critical, in particular in the splendor and manner room because it helps people today sense witnessed and that they belong. Do you remember the to start with time you felt observed in those spaces, or the first time you at any time felt like you observed you in media? How did it make you truly feel?

I feel the to start with time I seriously felt like I noticed myself represented in media, in a unique way, was in a movie named The Namesake with Kal Penn, who at the time didn’t brazenly identify as queer. It was a person of the first occasions that I was ready to share a narrative about a first-era immigrant relatives with my mother as very well, seeing a thing like that on the massive monitor about what it signifies to raise a Brown boy or girl in North America and owning immigrant mother and father. I think a different major just one for me was the “Negative Girls” video clip by M.I.A. She’s like pulling from like Arabic society, Muslim tradition in that video, which clearly is not my tradition, so to talk. But I assume just viewing somebody getting badass and Brown in a music video in a particular way, which itself felt quite inspiring that video, just the style and the aesthetic in it, the way that she put together form of the classic things with sort of modern day components of design and style, like that was just it for me, it just was incredibly remarkable.

I feel also me being invited into those people spaces as a design. I have been carrying out some brand name get the job done for MAC and Pantene, and so, as a trans person of coloration getting questioned to do that kind of get the job done and specially design in advertisements and strategies feels really interesting. And also challenging to picture. It has felt actually unpredicted to be introduced into those areas, specially not even just as a trans woman, but also as somebody in my forties. I believe the vogue and attractiveness business tends to be so youth-centric, and as a person who’s obviously not a youth, it feels truly going and surprising to be brought into people spaces.

What is actually some assistance you can give to others who are making an attempt to determine out what their personalized model is? How they ought to go about finding it and figuring out what operates for them or what they like?

I consider it can be actually about experimentation and I believe the willingness to be not great, the willingness to be not modern. Mainly the willingness to make manner faux pas. I believe about some of the possibilities that I made use of to make as a teen. I the moment reduce out an onion bag and made a decision it was a hat. I once threaded a winter scarf by means of my belt loops. I created a lot of bad vogue choices, but I in fact rejoice them because I think and in some methods, I pass up that power for the reason that I adore that willingness to test mainly because I feel so typically with vogue, it is about trying and experimenting and enjoy. Sometimes in the research for coolness, we overlook that in fact, it need to really feel entertaining, it should really feel joyful. If something will make you experience excellent, rock it and have exciting with it. Your pals could possibly laugh at you the way my good friends laughed at me. But at the stop of the working day, I you should not think very good type will come from not experimenting, not actively playing, not hoping. Does that make feeling?

Yeah. I sense like some traits, they begin out as experiments and entertaining, foolish matters. But then they develop into more substantial matters and then it will become, ‘Oh, that truly appears to be like great.’ So you got to attempt.

Yeah! The bucket hat is a terrific case in point. The bucket hat to me is the silliest accessory and nevertheless, the bucket hat has manufactured these a big comeback. I see it on people all the time. I don’t assume you are going to at any time see me in a bucket hat, but I can recognize it for what it is now in a way that when I utilized to see pictures from like the ’80s and ’90s with bucket hats, I was like, ‘Burn it down.’

I think part of it truly is also that you will find this concept that you have to be assured in your style. Just be self-assured, just rock it, but it can be also all right not to be self-assured. I assume that we dwell in a entire world where by we, as queer individuals, are below a specified type of scrutiny and encounter all kinds of harassment and hatred. So, I feel that occasionally self-assurance is not something that you can just entry. So I am all for faking it. I assume faking it is a good thing. If you cannot faucet into that assurance, shake it.

I consider the other point which is been truly valuable for me in conditions of trend has just been diversifying my feed through social media, getting in a position to just observe other trans people I admire, follow other queer individuals I admire. That does assistance me build a sort of confidence, by looking at how other persons are pushing themselves out in the planet and presenting on their own in the globe. These are some of the issues that appear to brain.

Picture Credit rating: Ariane Laezza

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