Month: October 2020

‘We Are Ticking Time Bombs’: Inside Australia’s Meth Crisis total information

Meth in Australia: 'We Are Ticking Time Bombs' | Time

on a warm Thursday evening, at a community center in the pretty coastal town of Yeppoon, central Queensland, fifteen women around a table listening intently to another. Daphne is a middle-aged, burly woman with a dark topknot and a turquoise t-shirt. She’s known, infamously, as “the cage lady.”

Among the harrowing personal stories TIME will hear tonight about families struggling with crystal methamphetamine, hers is the starkest. Two years ago, she spent $2,250 building a reinforced steel cage for her son Wylie in their modest home in Rockhampton—a city of 80,000 souls on the Queensland coast. She kept Wylie, then 17 and addicted to Crystal meth for sale in it for four weeks.

“I was desperate,” she tells the room. “It was the only thing I could do.” Traumatized by a string of family tragedies, her son had gone from dabbling in cannabis and alcohol at 13 to crystal meth—or … Read More

Top anti-aging Ingredients You Should Apply On Your Face.

Top anti-aging Ingredients You Should Apply On Your Face.

Growing old is inevitable but tuning down the rate at which your skin ages is acceptable. Everyone will grow old, but some people are old but look young- Why do the old look young? It’s a result of anti-aging creams. Anti-aging creams are used to decrease the way your skin wrinkles and keep it fresh and smooth. There are several anti-aging creams in the world today that you can choose from. However, it is often best to read their reviews from neutral review platforms like us-reviews to know if other people that have used the cream have testified to its effectiveness before you should invest in such a cream. For instance, you can read SkinCareRX reviews to know if you could use their products on your face and if they would be effective in helping you look younger than your age. In this article, you’ll see the top anti-aging ingredients … Read More