June 7, 2023


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What’s the Point of Buying a Hoodie Sweatshirt?

As a fashion trend as well as a fashion essential, hooded sweatshirts are more popular than ever before, not just during the colder months of the year. Hoodies are usually top-layer garments that are traditionally used in cold weather. They feature pockets on the front and a drawstring for securing the hood’s opening. Having the pockets at the wearer’s disposal is a plus since they are accessible and curled upwards to prevent things from falling out. It is also possible to find hoodies that have zippers instead of drawstrings, known as zip-ups or zip hoodies like Anti Anti social club shirt.

Historically, hoodies were either clothes worn by middle-aged people or by Catholic monks that had cowls as part of their formal attire. Cowls or tunics are traditionally embellished with decorative materials. Clothing manufacturer Champion started manufacturing hooded sweatshirts in the 1930’s, mostly for employees of cold storage warehouses in New York.

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After that, clothing designers began incorporating hoodies into their collections, resulting in a nationwide trend. It was during the 1970s that hip hop culture emerged and hoodie fashion took off. Hoodies’ anonymity also contributed to their notorious side, as criminals wore them as clothing choices. Despite its notoriety, the hoodies also enjoyed a surge in popularity, even being embraced by the high fashion world.

As popular as hoodies became, skateboarders, surfers, dancers, and sports enthusiasts included hoodies on their lists of clients. As a bonus, brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Armani, and Ralph Lauren have all jumped on the hoodie bandwagon. There have even been hooded sweatshirts produced by universities across America with their respective logos printed on the clothing.

Hoodies have become a part of daily wear and developed into unique styles and forms throughout history. As a result, hoodies with thinner fabrics were popular in warmer countries, while hoodies with thicker materials were popular in colder countries. Men and women were both able to wear hoodies, with hoodies for women developing from sweatshirts to blouses and tops without sleeves, sportswear with hoods, and even gowns with hoods.

One adaptation of the hoodie is the “goggle jacket,” which covers the entire head and face while leaving two eye slots from which the wearer can see through. It is usually quite expensive to buy goggle jackets in Italy. On average, they are around 600 pounds. The goggle jacket wasn’t the only hoodie craze to become the talk of the town though. Other brands are selling them for about 50 pounds each. A number of stores confessed they had to order hoodies every two weeks due to the demand for these jackets, the best one store is Anti Social Club.

The ubiquitous nature of these anonymity jackets has caused law enforcement agencies from around the world to scrutinize the hoodies. Typically, this happens because so many people wear them and the police have a hard time spotting the difference between someone who wears a hoodie for style and someone who does so to conceal their identities. Wearing hoodies is not illegal, but nowhere is it stated to be illegal, which is why it continues to be popular.