June 18, 2024


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What Styles are Available for Polarized Sunglasses?

Everything You Need to Know About Polarized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are definitely game changers. They protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight, are comfy and stylish as well. Moreover, many are affordable and can be found in different shapes, colours, sizes, and functionalities. However, if your normal shades are not adequately protecting you from the rays of the sun, you can upgrade to polarized sunglasses. These shades are chemically treated and can absorb light that is reflected horizontally while allowing in vertical light.

Horizontal light is usually reflected from surfaces such as roads, bodies of water and even snow. Horizontal light is harsher than direct sunlight and this shade will increase your eye comfort and improve your vision while you do outdoor activities. The available styles include:

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic

They are classics which came out over 70 years ago and still continue to provide exceptional protection from reflected light. The lenses are made using polycarbonate or crystal. The lens also has an anti-reflective coating and provides 100% UV protection.

Smith Lowdown 2

These shades are perfect for outdoor activities such as running. They are strong but light and can stay in place even if you are sweating a lot or engaging in vigorous activities. Moreover, the frames are big enough to fully block out the sun and everything looks clear through the lenses. There are two types of lenses available, the polarised carbonic and the Chroma Pop, which are both impact resistant. The Chroma Pop lenses are moisture and smudge resistant. All the shades in Smith’s brand offer 100% Ultraviolet protection.

American Optical Saratoga

These shades have made a comeback after being taken out of the market for decades. They have been beautifully designed and have amazing lenses, which shows why they were JFK’s beloved and favourite shades. They have an amazing depth perception, glare reduction and are anti-smudge. American Optical is the oldest optical glasses company in the United States and has achieved great feats over the years. For instance, they produced the first sunglasses taken on the moon, designed Aviators, and were famously worn by President JFK.

Raen Optics Remmy

This Californian brand has shades with handmade frames, timeless style and are affordable. One of their most notable shades is the Remmy, which is manufactured by Carl Zeiss, which is a leading optics company in the world. The Remmy lenses are able to take out 100% UVA/UVB light and are also anti-glare. The Remmy is available in 8 colours in a sturdy case. If you want shades that are cool and still protect you from harsh rays, you should try these.

Sunski Topeka

These sunnies are both stylish and sporty. They are also decently priced and eco-friendly. The frames are made using recycled plastic. The shades are flexible, super light, eco-friendly and hard to break than a lot of other shades. The interesting bit is, when the shades break accidentally, Sunski will either replace or repair them free of charge.

These functional sunnies come in many different shapes, colours and sizes, making it easy to find something within your budget and preference.