June 6, 2023


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What Makes Cockatiels The Best Bird Pet?

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There is a wide range of beautiful color patterns that you can find in cockatiels for sale. The more exotic the cockatiel’s colors are, the more the cockatiel costs. They are smart, sweet and cute. People are crazy about cockatiels as pet birds for the reason that these small parrots are unproblematic to tame and train. Not only that, they can become skilled at mimicking speech and whistles.

Quick facts about Cockatiels

  • They are known to be obedient and gentle, pet cockatiels like to ride on the shoulder and be petted and held.
  • Wild cockatiels have a gray body with a yellow face and crest and orange cheek patches. Males have brighter facial colors while females have bars on the underside of the tail feathers. Cage bred cockatiels sport quite a lot of color variants including lutino, silver, cinnamon, pearl, pied, and albino.
  • While pairs of cockatiels provide company for each other care must be taken to handle frequently to maintain the human bond. Single cockatiels need you to spend daily time interacting with them.
  • Male cockatiels are believed to be more capable of mimicking speech and whistles. All cockatiels whistle and vocalize but they are not nearly as loud as most other parrots.
  • They live approximately twenty years with reports of up to thirty years.

Supplies for Cockatiels

A healthy cockatiel makes an excellent pet. Caring for cockatiels is relatively simple. When you think of getting a Lutino cockatiel for sale, make sure you get proper supplies in order to keep the bird happy. Select a high quality food and supplement generously with dark colored vegetables, low sugar fruits, grains, and healthy people food. Cockatiels are susceptible to vitamin A and calcium deficiencies, just like bigger parrots, so a proper diet is the best thing that you can do for the bird.

In addition to the premium cage and pellets, the following are some of the supplies that you would like to get for your bird pet:

  • A play stand
  • Small natural wood perches
  • Assorted toys for the bird to snuggle against, preen and chew
  • A birdie bungee
  • A second set of food cups
  • Bird vitamins

Cages for Cockatiels

Since cockatiels are playful and active, you should get a large cage. Opinions on the minimum size differ, but a minimum cage size would be 20” x 20” wide. Mull over a taller cage to accommodate the pet cockatiels tail. Ensure that the bird cage has some horizontal bars that encourage climbing and exercise.

The experts recommend that you get the biggest bird cage that you can come up with the money for that offers ½” bar space. Keep in mind that cockatiels have a long tail that can get disheveled in a tall, skinny cage. In addition, as ground dwellers, these pet birds like to travel back and forth, so a longer width bird cage may be preferred.

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