July 14, 2024


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What Dua Lipa’s Yoga Teacher Learned on the Road With the Star

What Dua Lipa’s Yoga Teacher Learned on the Road With the Star

Wish you could go on tour with Dua Lipa for a year? Us too. The next best thing is taking a yoga class with her teacher, who spent a year touring with her. The iconic yoga teacher, lovingly known as Annie Moves, is teaming up with Alo Moves to offer classes from the comfort of home. We got an early sneak peek of the class, and we can confidently say it’s like no other yoga flow we’ve done.

Within two years of quitting her full-time job to focus on yoga, Annie found herself touring the world with Lipa. She shares that when she looks back at herself before yoga, it’s someone she doesn’t recognize. Annie describes being liberated from depression and a difficult breakup. She notes that the practice could do the same for others. “When you get into the practice, it really opens things inside that might be repressed. It’s a really beautiful journey. I love it and I get to share it with so many people,” says Annie.

“Tour was really amazing, and I was traveling the world with [Lipa] as her teacher,” Annie says of the experience. “Working with an artist like that gives you a lot of perspective. You learn so much,” and she infuses this new knowledge into her life and classes. On tour, Annie quickly realized how essential movement can be when living a life on the go. She encourages all to make yoga, or a practice of choice, a habit “even though we can make so many excuses.” She adds that yoga “helped get through a year of touring which sounds fun, but there are many things to it that can be hard on so many levels emotionally, mentally, physically.”

Annie’s style is very unique, and her sound centering, which made for an invigorating class. She describes her style of vinyasa as feminine, sensitive and conscious. A Venezuelan, Annie is passionate bout bringing the wellness revolution that has consumed the United States to Latin America. For those looking to get into yoga, she says, “start where you are with what you have.” Whether it’s a studio or your home, a towel or an expensive mat—just begin. A good place to start? Her class on Alo Moves.