June 12, 2024


Fashion come on you

Twins Kennedi and Keith Smith revive old-fashioned candy shop idea in Youngstown

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A new business has popped up in Youngstown and two high school aged kids are behind it all.

The bright colors are hard to miss on E. Evergreen Place, where Kennedi and Keith Smith, both 14 years old, have opened up a candy shop.

The twins have spent a lot of time in Youngstown. Their grandparents own the property that their new candy shop sits on.

They started the idea when their mom told them about an old candy store that closed down on Glenwood Avenue.

“We started talking in our living room and we were just talking about old-fashioned candy. There used to be a Candyland on Glenwood. My mom walked to it every single day. They sold candy for affordable prices. Really good candy there. They closed down so why not make a new one, right?” Kennedi said.

And that is just what they did. According to Kennedi, they opened the shop up to provide a friendly and safe place for kids in the neighborhood.

“A lot of kids aren’t really allowed to roam around on streets and stuff because of this killing and stealing, so we just hope that they can be inspired by this as well, maybe make their own business,” Kennedi said.

Keith says business has been great for their first few days of being open. He may even treat himself to something special with some of the profits.

“We making good money, so after this, I’m probably going to buy me some shoes. Probably going to do me some Jordans or something like that,” Keith said.

The shop is open Monday through Saturday from noon to 6 p.m.

The two siblings said they are very grateful for everyone’s love and support.