July 17, 2024


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The Transformation of Hybrid Work in Retail

Co-authored by: Tricia Kelley

How we work is changing—from where we host our meetings, to our day-to-day operations, life has been transformed by the pandemic. The push for work and life balance has never been stronger and the need to adopt more sustainable practices has never been more urgent. A digital-first approach has become imperative with the shift to virtual operations as remote and hybrid work have become the new normal, and as organizations commit to net zero emissions goals. With these waves of change, how we deliver services in retail must adapt as well. 

Recently Cisco commissioned IDC to explore workplace transformation in retail and the ways that retailers are taking a digital-first approach. 

Out of necessity, hybrid work was adopted during the pandemic across all industries, and further expanded in the quest to be more sustainable by reducing unnecessary travel for associates and customers. And while retail has reverted to a more traditional store setting, elements of a hybrid model still exist because consumers and associates demand it. What we are starting to see now is the next wave of innovation in retail.  

The Advantages and Challenges of Hybrid Work

Attempting to do hybrid work in the retail sphere is a tough challenge to face. Retailers are aware that stores and distribution centers require physical presence no matter what. A shelf can’t be stocked from home, an order can’t be picked, however there may be things that those associates can do in a hybrid fashion outside the store and at the same time reduce their carbon footprint. Instead of having everyone travel and crammed into a break room, orientations, trainings and meetings can be taken from anywhere. 

The upside is that these hybrid work models securely connect associates to information and enable transaction processing in the store, in contact centers, and anywhere associates can connect to corporate networks. The marrying of physical and digital retail can create a transformation that will enable: 

  • Intelligent contact centers
  • Smart and sustainable facilities
  • Commerce and order fulfillment and returns from anywhere

Transform With the Times 

Cisco is equipped with a diverse portfolio of transformative solutions, including full-stack observability, hybrid workforce applications, retail compliance and security that is all built upon delivering the best, most reliable, most secure, and most sustainable customer experience possible. No matter how your retail business operates, you have confidence that connections are secure. 

With Cisco, not only will your customers receive exceptional service, but your employees will also gain the flexibility and balance they deserve. Prepare your business for the future with a suite of flexible, supportive, and inclusive hybrid work tools.

Ready to learn more about Cisco’s retail transformation portfolio? Read IDC’s latest Industry Spotlight,

(Doc # #US49282122)

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