April 22, 2024


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Shopping Apps Switch It Up In Provider Ranking

Much has changed in the world since we last checked in on PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps, and there’s much to report in the January 2021 edition.

Winter gifting holidays undoubtedly played a role in the movement we see in the new Provider Ranking, as mobile eCommerce apps made the gifting season recently ended merrier and brighter than it otherwise might’ve been.

The Top 5

From the very top, retaining its No. 1 spot is the Walmart app, gaining new capabilities all the time. At No. 2 is Amazon, followed at No. 3 by B2C fast-fashion shopping app SHEIN. The Wish eCommerce app at No. 4 rises two spots from the last ranking, while titanic Target enters the Top 5 at No. 5.

That’s one of two such surprises in this new ranking. Read on for the other.

The Top 10

Lots to cover in the bottom half of the Top 10, starting with Nike, leaping vertically three spots to dunk the No. 6 position in the new Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps. Dropping two spots but staying firmly in the Top 10 is eBay at No. 7, followed by AliExpress down one spot to No. 8, and the Alibaba app, also one spot falling to No. 9.

The second surprise in PYMNTS latest Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps? Fetch Rewards comes out swinging, entering the Top 10 at No. 10, and completing this month’s ranking.



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