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Relationship Lockets – All You Need To Know – evermée

Relationship Lockets – All You Need To Know – evermée

hat makes relationship lockets so special?

Well, when it comes to relationships, lockets mean more compared to any other jewelry.

Why is that?

Because they tell a story and they have a much deeper connection!

Have you ever asked yourself “what to put in lockets for girlfriend?”.

Well, then you get what lockets are all about.

Lockets usually convey a very profound message, and they go a long way in connecting two people.

They express what it means to be a person, in a completely different way.

Lockets celebrate what it means to honor and to love.

They are also a true symbol of what it means to mourn and to remember.

Most relationship lockets are either made of high-quality sterling silver or gold.

In most cases, they have a compartment where you can keep a photo or a picture of your loved one.

Other lockets contain locks of hair or ashes, and they give you the opportunity to commemorate a person who has passed away.

All these are a clear indication of how lockets can connect us to our loved ones, even if they have passed away.

But let’s focus on love-packed relationship lockets first:

Evermée Relationship Lockets

Evermée Relationship Lockets

Whether you want to gift a relationship locket to your girlfriend or even to your daughter as a father or a mother, you can find the ideal locket here at evermée.

The most exciting thing about our lockets is that you can customize our gemstone lockets for you just to suit the person you want to gift.

There are plenty of styles available and you can get Sterling Silver or Gold Vermeil lockets.

In addition, since we created a new-age locket, it means that you can simply upload a new photo every day without having to print and cut a photo every single time.

Also, you can choose a different photo of your loved one every day.

Father-Daughter Relationship Locket

Father-Daughter Relationship Locket

Well, it’s important for fathers to make sure that they gift their daughters something from time to time, since this goes a long way in making them feel appreciated.

One thing everyone should understand is that there is no relationship like a father-daughter relationship.

Moreover, there is nothing that can really capture the uniqueness and closeness of this bond like jewelry can.

Jewelry, particularly lockets, can bring much delight to your daughter, regardless of her age.

Besides, such kind of gift enhances the relationship between a father and a daughter, which is something every father wishes.

If you have a little baby girl, then gift her a locket that she will keep and appreciate forever.

A customized father daughter locket would be the perfect gift for her first birthday party.

This will show her how much she means to you as a daughter.

Little girls also deserve gifts in the form of jewelry from their dads.

You can choose to gift your daughter one of our sterling silver or gold lockets, which are personalized to match their taste.

Personalized father daughter locket is always thoughtful gift for any lady.

You can choose a personalized locket with beautiful butterflies and flowers, pretty animals or even a crown for your beautiful princess.

To make the gift special, you can add some engraving, or choose to include her birthstone, which can make the piece of jewelry extra special.

Teenage daughters also deserve a gift from their dads.

This will help in boosting her self-esteem, and also realizing that there is someone who loves and thinks of her almost every other time.

You can research the internet to understand better which kind of a locket would fit her best.

Also, you can pick up some crazy ideas at different fashion sites and magazines to understand what’s trending.

Gold or sterling silver lockets from evermée can be a great gift option for your daughter.

Well, this also has to happen at some time—your little princess will now be a grown up.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t gift her.

Since this is the time when your daughter will be leaving your home, maybe to get married or to start life on her own after her graduation.

You should give her a gift that will always keep you closer to her and remind her of the family she left behind.

In that case, the smart lockets from evermée are the perfect gifts for such occasions.

With our smart lockets, your daughter can choose to upload essential photos to the locket, and thus keep the important memories of your family with her and wherever she goes.

The truth is, a gift of locket from you, as a dad, to your daughter, will have a lot of emotional value, and she will definitely treasure it forever.

Create your own locket here.

Mother To Daughter Relationship Lockets

Mother To Daughter Relationship Lockets

Mother-daughter lockets are the perfect gifts for a mother who is looking for the best way to bond with her daughter.

Mostly, these lockets come in pairs and the same style.

However, the locket that is intended for the mother is a bit bigger than the locket intended for the daughter.

However, there is another option available, where you can get the locket to be the same size, just like your daughter’s.

There are various places where you can find mother to daughter locket.

evermée has a wide variety of lockets available, where you can choose the perfect locket for your daughter.

Most of our lockets are customized to match your daughter’s preferences, which means your daughter will love and treasure the locket for years to come.

One thing with these lockets is that you can put a picture of your daughter in your locket and the daughter can put a picture of her mother in her locket.

This way, the lockets can make you become closer since you will be closer to each other’s heart.

Also, you can choose to have the lockets engraved.

One good way of doing this is adding your initials to each locket, or even add some short message on the inside or back of the locket.

Basically, there are endless ways for a mother to make a locket more special, which can help in producing more memorable moments for her daughter.

Couple Locket

Couple Locket

Couples or those who are dating don’t need to wait for that special occasion to remind their partners how much they love them.

One of the best ways to constantly remind your partner of your love is through lockets for couples.

Couple locket is very unique, and your partner will always consider is special, and cherish it forever.

Couples or people in love
can use lockets in several ways.

Almost every locket for couple comes with a compartment where you can keep a family photo or the photo of your loved one.

If you wonder what photo to put in a couple locket for your girlfriend – you can’t go wrong by picking one from your favorite vacation.

Besides a picture, you could add other things. Get creative!

These lockets are intricately designed, and they allow you to have a sneak peek of the photo you have decided to keep inside them.

To make things interesting, we have the smart lockets from evermée, where you can choose to upload photos directly from your phone.

With these lockets, you can have a different photo of your loved one uploaded to the locket every day.

A couple locket can be a perfect gift for your loved one since they are unique and they can be personalized.

Your partner would love to see a family photo every time they open the couple locket.

Of course, you’ll be able to find the perfect relationship locket here at evermée as well.

If you are not sure which gemstone you should go with, you should either stick to the classic Mother of Pearls Locket or the Black Pearl Locket.

Lockets For Girlfriend

Lockets For Girlfriend

Every ‘girlfriend’ on this Earth deserves something special.

That something should remind her of your love, care, and respect.

Although you could think of a thousand gifts for that purpose.

But we bet you nothing can replace a girlfriend locket in that matter.

A precious gift for generations – lockets for girlfriend, are like beers for men.

Women adore lockets, especially when it is crafted from exquisite jewels and metals like gold and silver.

Being inexpensive, our lockets carry all the charm and looks of fancy jewelry.

Moreover, you can store all your love in a locket with an evermée memories necklace.

Are you excited to know more about lockets for girlfriend? Click Here!

Lockets For Boyfriend 

Lockets For Boyfriend

Gone are the days when men were distant from jewelry.

In the 21st century men of all ages have some penchant for manly pieces of jewelry.

These pieces of jewelry are especially crafted as per the likings and taste of men.

At evermée, we pride ourselves on being one of the very few brands.

That has relationship lockets for men.

If you are someone who is confused about gifting the love of your life a locket.

Then bury all your doubts, because the evermée locket is one of a kind gift.

Store your precious photos inside the stunning gemstone.

Gift your partner a beautiful surprise he could never imagine!

At last, 

Love in a locket is love expressed flawlessly.

For ages, we humans have connected lockets with love.

Whether its marriages, birthdays, or graduation of your daughter.

Lockets are a perfect gift for each of these.

We at evermée have amalgamated our stunning minimalistic lockets with tech.

Find one for your sweetheart, Now!