February 29, 2024


Fashion come on you

Owner of Perfectly Flawless Boutique in Philadelphia is giving back

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — The Shop Local series puts a spotlight on minority-owned businesses, featuring local gems that can help you check off the gifts on your Christmas list.

One shop owner in Germantown, though, isn’t just focused on selling. She’s also focused on giving.

“You give love, you receive it,” said Crystal Jackson as she sat in Perfectly Flawless Boutique on Germantown Avenue near East Penn.

The 34-year-old opened the shop eight years ago after a life-long passion for fashion… and a trademark nickname.

“They call me the four-eyed stylist,” she laughed, “because of my glasses.”

It’s also because Jackson really has an eye for fashion. And she wants to make sure it’s accessible to everyone.

“I carry (sizes) 0 extra small to a 3x,” she said. “You’ll find something you can wear to work, but you’ll also find something you can wear to the club or date night.”

The boutique also features a makeup artist in-house for head-to-toe makeovers complete with the outfit.

“We’ve done that 1,002 times,” said the bubbly Jackson with a smile.

But the boutique is about more than just the clothes.

“I really want you to be empowered,” said Jackson. “If you can be empowered with clothes, do you know what you can do in life?”

It’s the reason her faith inspired the boutique’s name, Perfectly Flawless.

“Because God’s love is perfectly flawless,” said Jackson.

Her faith and her desire to encourage others is also the reason each customer leaves with a card that features the boutique’s signature affirmation.

“It’s to accept, love, empower, trust and most importantly forgive yourself,” she said.

Jackson believes women should feel good on the inside while looking good on the outside, no matter their size.

“You may have a little belly fat. Yeah, you may be a little out of shape, but, girl, you look good,” she said.

And Jackson thinks every body can look good in the holiday season’s top trends.

“Sequins, yes! And also loungewear,” she said.

Those items are already popular gifts – even for the fashion-challenged customer.

“This weekend, I had over five different husbands come in,” she said of her shoppers offering this advice for men who are looking to buy clothing for their wives for Christmas: “Husbands that come in, have pictures ready!”

But the boutique isn’t just about the shopping happening on the inside. It’s also about the giving that happens on the outside. Every week, Jackson sits out a table of gently-used clothes donated by her customers, who receive a 15% off coupon for their donations.

“We put (the clothes) on the table nice and neatly,” she said, noting that an untold number of people have thanked her for providing the free clothing when they and their family members were in need. Helping others is part of Jackson’s other passion: the non-profit Perfectly Flawless Foundation. It’s something she aims to continue doing for as long as she can.

“If I can help the city of Philadelphia,” she said, “I started thinking big like I can help the world!”

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