July 14, 2024


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Limited Edition: Tatty Devine Collector Necklace

Limited Edition: Tatty Devine Collector Necklace

Introducing the final piece of our Misshapes retrospective collection, the Tatty Devine Collector Necklace. Celebrate over twenty years of original design with must-have Tatty Devine motifs made miniature: a wearable trip down memory lane, join our Co-Founder Rosie as she spills the beans on this very special NEW statement necklace…



“As we come to the close of 2022, the year we waved goodbye to our Misshapes exhibition and put everything safely back into our archive, we wanted to create a piece to sum up the last 23 years of Tatty Devine. In keeping with the inspiration behind our AW22 collection, we’ve collected together our all favourite pieces in one necklace, to be worn together. Enter the Tatty Devine Collector Necklace.


We have always made jewellery inspired by what we collect and objects we find (we’re real magpies), and this necklace is no different. From vintage toys, fabrics and iconography to anything analogue like old telephones and sewing machines, we want to take our obsessions wherever we go. Talismans and self-expression rolled into one, these ten hand-selected charms are Tatty Devine.


We would never have dreamed all those years ago that we’d be able to make a charm necklace full of twenty years worth of charms that we’d created for the world of Tatty.”



Thanks, Rosie! Join us as we cruise down our Tatty Collector Necklace timeline, turn back time with a plethora of nine playful charms, each curated by Rosie and Harriet to chart key moments from 2003 to 2015.

Dialling in straight from the Tatty Devine archive, our first charm is a callback to the red telephone. Not just  Rosie’s favourite colour, we really do think everything looks best in red – from lobsters to lipstick and this plucky piece from our SS03 collection, Unreal Life. An ode to classic design and vintage collectables, this original colour-pop phone was off the hook: it even featured a real spiral cord! 

Back for a brief spell in SS09 and 2018, when we were thrilled to collaborate on a jewellery collection for the Design Museum’s “Designer Maker User” exhibition – we just HAD to call on this icon of twentieth and twenty-first-century design once more.

We’ve ALWAYS loved constellations and the mythology that surrounds them. A twinkling design from our AW06 collection, our second charm is the original Great Bear, inspired by celestial stories from Scorpius beating the legendary hunter Orion in a battle to the tale of Ura Major. Once called the Sky Lab Bear, this tiny constellation is adorned with sparkling iridescent crystals. 

Look to the skies, you might just spot our Tatty Collector Necklace glistening amongst the clouds.

Tatty Devine Toadstool dress and cape at Fashion East in 2003. See the full collection.

No cap! Make room for a totally Tatty Devine design: the toadstool! Seen throughout the years in many incarnations and collections: recreated in forest-like wood in Desire Paths and Forever Foraging to pop-art acrylic in Everyone’s Invited and their first appearance in AW07’s The Dark Stages. Emblematic of fairy tales, woodlands and autumnal days (our faves!), there is just nothing cuter than a playful red mushroom pendant. Listen up, print lovers: every time Harriet spies a polka dot pattern it reminds her of Rosie. Aww! 

Swinging its way from the same eclectic 2007 collection: our love for dancing, disco and party planning was summed up in our selection of silver Disco Balls. We’re talking bracelets, cufflinks, keyrings to brooches, there was something for EVERY disco diva. An ode to our love of ‘do’s and legendary Tatty Christmas parties, here for the festive season, gift your besties mini party pendants to match from our Everyone’s Invited Christmas jewellery collection!

“Gordon’s Makes Us Drunk…” Us too! Pour yourself a G&T as we reminisce over our next charm… to 2008! We accessorise with our favourite tipple plus a homage to another dynamic duo: artists Gilbert and George. From witty silhouettes for those in the know to enamel Gin Bottles inspired by their 1972 film, we created an entire collection to celebrate their exhibition at the De Young Gallery in San Fransisco. Ever the gracious hostesses, we’ve kept the drinks flowing over the years with GIANT gin statements (looking at our Misshapes collection), kitsch collaborations with Mi-Pac and MADE and even a serving of PINK GIN!

Rosie and Harriet with their top albums in 2018: we spot Belle and Sebastian’s Tigermilk! 

“To my dog on wheels I’ll tell my secrets and more, then one day in spring I’ll take him down…” memory lane! Let’s walkies to 2010 and the ultimate fangirl moment, designing merch for Belle and Sebastian, the band on every Tatty Devine playlist and certified dancefloor fillers. THE highlight of Rosie’s career, we turned her favourite Belle and Sebastian song into a wearable work of art: the Dog on Wheels, as seen in The TImes. 


We were so obsessed with Belle and Sebastian that we even helped put on “2000 Troubled Teenagers”, a whole Belle and Sebastian-themed night with Joe Egg. I was in charge of the clay modelling competition and you could win Isobel Campbell’s hair grips!”  – Harriet

Harriet in 2017’s Giant Firework Necklace. 

Back with a bang, once again, it’s our fireworks. Harking back to 2010’s The Age of the Blazing Trails collection, we saw these bangers inspired by firework displays and spectacular explosions recreated with sparkling crystals in four colourways! You won’t forget the fifth of November with 2017’s SUPER statement in commemoration of 10 years of Taipei 101 (read about it here). 

10 years of Tatty Devine in Covent Garden called for one thing: a sparkling celebration! A whole decade of cheeky Dog on Wheels Necklaces sent rolling out the door, over 15,000 personalised Name Necklaces laser cut & handmade on the spot and a cohort of amazing store stars (past and present) had to be commemorated with an in-store showstopper. Our Firework Display Statement in Gold was limited to just 25, you’re oh-so lucky if you’ve got this piece… Why not continue your exclusive collection with one of just 30 Tatty Devine Collector Necklaces?



As you MAY have noticed, here at Tatty Devine, we believe more is more. From crystals to colours, accessories to fashion: we live, breathe and wear maximalism. An ode to our love for vintage clothes and fabrics, saw us head to the haberdashers for 2012’s swirling arabesques: the Paisley Rose.  Alongside jewelled leopard heads, willow pattern plates and Hellebore Roses: AW12 would have made us feel at home in a Bloomsbury mansion. An ever-welcome visitor, in 2020 we just had to add this must-have archive piece to our Misshapes family and revisit those covetable hand-inked crystal detailing.



Libra’s are known for being charming and beautiful and thriving on pleasing aesthetics: sounds just like our Rosie – Team Tatty’s resident Libra. Originally designed in 2015 as part of our Zodiac collection, our Astrologer’s Hand Necklace clutching a glittering sun and pearlescent moon soon became a certified celestial Classic. 



Sew, we reach our final stop on the Tatty Devine Collector Necklace tour. Keeping it crafty, back when Harriet and Rosie started making things together, they started with an old sewing machine, old patterns and fabric. Inspired by their love for vintage craft, 2016 saw our original red Sewing Machine Necklace – strung with a real wire thread! Reimagined with the Design Museum in 2018, we rethread this piece in glossy black before our 2020 revamp in recycled acrylic! Craft lover? Wear your heart on your sleeve with the final piece on our Tatty Devine Collector Necklace


Limited to just 30 pieces, shop the Tatty Devine Collector Necklace online and in our Covent Garden store now.