June 12, 2024


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Here’s How Akashi Kama Is Changing The American Fashion Scene

The fashion industry is one of the most influential and high net worth businesses in the global economy.  The industry altogether represents many things: quality, standards, expertise, trade and investment. Heritage fashion, on the other hand, is well, based on heritage, centuries old traditions, designs inspired by culture and an essence reflecting the principles of inheritance. 

Fashion entrepreneurs are drivers of the global fashion industry in terms of setting new trends, mixing culture with convenience as well as signature, innovation and a completely unique business model. Akashi Kama is one such company that brilliantly mixes American and Japanese heritage with style and exclusivity. 


Alec Nakashima – The Force behind Akashi Kama

Akashi Kama was founded by Alec Nakashima, who’s also the creative director of the fashion and lifestyle brand. Alec is a fifth generation Japanese American, greatly inspired by heritage fashion, American streetwear and modern aesthetic. Prior to forming the fashion brand, the product manager was working in Silicon Valley. Nakashima decided to launch the company in 2018 and has now also been honored as a recipient of The Japanese American National Museum’s 30 under 30 Change Makers Award.


The idea for Akashi Kama matured after the founder made a trip to Japan. Alec’s trip to his ancestral country led to exploring ideas and ingenuity, and the unique style and easy adaptability of Japanese traditional wear into American fashion.

The fashion entrepreneur founded the company not only to bring two cultures together but also to create a unique identity for Asian Americans as representation. The highly attractive aesthetics visible across product lines of Akashi Kama aren’t something that Alec came across in a short time. The founder had to explore, ideate and experiment on his own through research and development. His creative journey has enabled Akashi Kama to represent the perfect amalgamation of two cultures fused together in a unique signature style, and this has been even more evident from the response the brand has received from all sides of the market – customers, critiques and fashion gurus. 

Aesthetic, Inclusive and Trendy Fashion

Akashi Kama is a dual heritage fashion brand that makes unique American versions out of the traditional Noragi jacket worn by the labor and farmers in Japan. Chore coats like Noragi jackets are convenient, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, clearly an everyday wear option for anyone looking to dress the garment up or down.


The clothing range from the brand represents both the cultures in a unique amalgamation. The sleek design and collar are inspired by Japanese cultural wear, whereas the tapered cut represents American style. The gold aglets represent street fashion with tapered sleeves instead of the conventional wide sleeves and the distinctive design makes it more than convenient to wear it open rather than tied up, giving out more of a blazer like feel. 


On top of that, the Noragi Jackets at Akashi Kama are manufactured from ethically sourced Japanese fabrics. The feel, look and overall textured impression of the fabric is one of its unique features that is hard to find in any heritage fashion brand. Akashi Kama has also expanded into offering other garment categories and an extended apparel line. The brand has been featured in Valet Magazine, GQ and Gear Patrol among many other who have recognized and endorsed the unique signature style it offers. Overall, Akashi Kama represents American and Japanese cultural heritage through traditional as well as street fashion, comfort with quality, authentic with sustainability and craftsmanship with inclusivity.

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