July 18, 2024


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Gorgeous Purple Lilac Flowers in a Vase Polymer Clay Tutorial

Gorgeous Purple Lilac Flowers in a Vase Polymer Clay Tutorial

I love how she uses a little wire work to make the pearl flowers and connect them as well as the carefully made lilac flowers onto the hoop.  She shows how to use a long filigree cone as well as a stubbier bead cap as the vase.

I had trouble locating the same silicone mold as she used.  Remember, lilac flowers only have 4 petals. A couple of alternatives are below :

From the comments section :

Do not use clear nail polish to seal as the pieces will get brittle. Use either a clay sealer or resin. UV resin is easier than 2 part epoxy resin but please use it in a well ventilated environment especially if you do not know how safe the brand is.

Use paint specially made for metal to ensure good adherence if you plan to change the color of the metal components.

Her Youtube channel is a definite must to follow. Lots of original ideas and lots to learn from.

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