February 23, 2024


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Everything You Should Remember About Prescription Colored Contacts


The first thing we have to mention is that you should avoid buying colored contacts at the mall. It is vital to talk with an ophthalmologist beforehand to determine the best course of action.

We all know that changing your hair color is one of the most significant transformations you can conduct. However, you probably know that it is possible to change your eye color, but you need to research a bit beforehand.

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It is vital to find it from a reputable source so that you can avoid potential side effects that come with them. Generally, most people tend to purchase lenses without thinking about the risks that may happen.

Keep in mind that if you do not wear them properly, the results can be disastrous. That is the main reason why we decided to present you with everything you should know about contact lenses before you decide to change eye color.

  1. Colored Contacts Are Regular Ones With Additional Dye
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You have probably seen numerous people wearing contacts, but people still do not understand everything about them. 

Generally, you should know that colored contacts feature biologically compatible dyes with an idea to create opaque lenses while the center would remain transparent, which will allow you to see.

People tend to wear it for numerous purposes, including cosmetic reasons, therapeutic reasons, and assistance to prevent eyesight issues that may happen if you neglect to wear them.

However, compared with regular ones, they are thicker, which is something you need to remember. This can lead to discomfort if you wear it all the time, which is why you should talk with the professional beforehand. 

At the same time, you may find out that they come with severe side effects and risks that are not worth wearing, which is why you should talk with a physician while deciding.

  1. Colored Contacts Can Boost the Risk of Infection

Even though changing your eye tone can be an exciting and funny endeavor, it is vital to remember that eye health is delicate, and you should think about it. 

The lenses are not as forgiving as regular ones, especially since oxygen transmission problems can happen due to their thickness.

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If you decide to wear them for prolonged periods, you will increase the chances of infection. Therefore, you should consult with an eye doctor to see how frequently you should clean them to prevent the side effects.

  1. You Should Care For Them

Similarly, as regular ones, you need to clean them properly every day and avoid letting others wear them apart. Finally, it would help if you never fell asleep with them because that could lead to severe problems.

We are not paranoid, but you should know that contact lenses come with severe side effects if you neglect regular care. Therefore, you should check online resources to determine the right course of action you should take to care for them properly.

Generally, it is vital to avoid wearing them all the time because you will affect the eye muscles, cause irritation, and potential infection. 

  1. They Are Less Invasive Than Eye Color-Changing Surgery

Even though they come with some side affects you can prevent, choosing them is a much safer and less invasive solution than eye color-changing surgery. Even though this particular procedure is not regular and approved in the US, you can find numerous countries conducting it.

Keep in mind that in severe cases, the surgeries can result in permanent damage. Instead of risking your sight, you should find cosmetic contact lenses that will fit appropriately so that you can avoid potential side effects.

They are much safer than surgical options, mainly because you will change the appearance based on various factors. Therefore, if you wish to change your eye color, it is a better option to find contact lenses, but you need to wear them responsibly.

Final Word

Similarly, as we have mentioned above, you need to think twice before deciding about the color you wish to implement. Instead of taking invasive methods that will affect your appearance, you can use high-quality contacts to provide you with the same feeling of change you need.