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Eight ways to never pay full price on shopping again at retailers including Target and Walmart

FINDING the best product at the right price for your wallet can be difficult – but there are ways to never pay full price again.

Ranging from retailers including Target and Walmart, we round up ways to cut your shopping bill on groceries, clothes and household essentials.

We explain eight ways to never pay full price on shopping again


We explain eight ways to never pay full price on shopping againCredit: Getty

As always, you should make sure to compare prices before you buy as you may be able to find cheaper deals where.

Google’s price comparison tool, Google Shopping, is free and easy to use.

Meanwhile, our tips go even further in slashing the bill. Below we explain how.

It comes as Alley, a couponing obsessive, revealed earlier this month how searching for deals is a full-time “job” for her.

1. Buy direct from other shoppers

One easy way to avoid paying full price is to buy the items – whether it’s fashion or furniture – from other shoppers.

Sites like PoshmarkThredUpMercari or eBay offer deals on new or used fashion and household items.

ThredUp is also offering 50% off your first order – just enter your email address and sign up.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to get unworn items with the price tags still attached – just keep your eyes peeled.

2. Shop Amazon warehouse and clip coupons

Becky Guiles, who’s known as the Freebie Lady, recommends shoppers to use Amazon Renewed, Amazon Outlet and Amazon Warehouse for “insane deals”.

She recently said: “Amazon Renewed is for refurbished items, Amazon Outlet is for overstocked items and Amazon Warehouse is for damaged box items. 

“The prices are incredible.”

If you’re worried about buying something second-hand, anything bought from the Renewed page comes with a one-year guarantee. 

Another simple way to save money on Amazon is by clipping coupons on its site.

When The Sun checked today, we found deals including 20% off Revlon hair dryers and up to $2 off baby wipes.

3. Find other online coupons

Before you buy the items, it’s worth doing a search for “discount code” and the retailer name.

The trick doesn’t always work, but it’s quick to check so it could be worth doing.

You can also use deal aggregators like RetailMeNot and SlickDeals or browser extensions like Honey to automatically scan for savings.

Honey has more than 17million members, with users said to save an average of $177 a year.

We’ve rounded up the best tools for online coupons and discounts here.

4. Buy display items for cheap

Retailers including Target sometimes sell you the display items when they are discontinued, the Freebie Lady said.

Simply ask the department manager who may cut the price, as the item has been out of the box and may have been tested by other shoppers.

Target might not be selling any more of the item either and Becky said the store would likely throw away unwanted items in this way.

You could save money on things like TV stands, desks, and baby furniture with this hack.

5. Check out Brickseek

Another way to save money at Target is by checking all your area zip codes for markdowns on Brickseek, which works if you know the item number.

It saves you having to head out to stores at the crack of dawn to check out deals as the site acts as a guide to which stores are hosting reductions.

Just keep in mind that that it’s not 100% accurate all the time though,the Freebie Lady said.

Brickseek can also work as a great guide to see which stores near you tend to markdown items more aggressively than others.

6. Use cashback sites

Cashback websites are a great way to save money while you spend.

When you sign up and spend through its portal, it will automatically give you a percentage of what you spend back – often between 1% and 20%.

This means that every time you spend money, you’ll be building valuable savings too which in effect means you pay less for the item.

Even better, popular site Rakuten has a sign up bonus of $10 which you can redeem via PayPal.

Giving Assistant is another cashback website, which offers $5 just for signing up.

Be careful not to go on a shopping spree though, or you’ll end up spending rather than saving.

7. Use price-matching offers

Retailers including Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s and Best Buy all offer price match promises.

It means that if you find the product at a cheaper price elsewhere, they’ll reduce theirs to match it.

This is another reason why it’s important to compare prices before you buy, as you might not have to pay the listed price.

The criteria varies between retailers. At Walmart, for example, it’ll price match one item per customer per day.

8. Subscribe to newsletters

Last but not least, another easy way to make sure you get the best deals is to sign up to retailer newsletters and alerts.

That way, you’ll be notified whenever there’s a sale on.

Just make sure to only buy the items if you actually need them, or they can’t be considered good deals.

In other shopping news, the Freebie Lady has shared seven Aldi shopping secrets – including the best time to shop.

Plus, we’ve revealed eight tricks that retailers including Walmart, Target and Costco use to make you spend more.

I’m a couponing obsessive, never pay full price for anything and I sell stuff for twice the price I buy it