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engraved pinky ring custom design

Custom 24k Gold Jewelry

When it arrives to jewellery, 24k gold is the most cherished metallic you could use to make a one of a kind jewellery. For most cherished it is, pure gold has some constraints you really should be informed of.

3 major particularities characterize 24k gold:

Colour: 24k gold is clearly yellow, deep yellow and only yellow. As remaining pure gold, it is not doable to have pure gold of distinctive coloration as it has not been mixed with any other steel. (white gold and rose gold are the end result of pure gold blended with other metals that modify its shade).

Softness: 24k gold is also a delicate steel that is pretty easy to bend when compared to 18k gold or enve 22k gold. So jewelry created from pure gold has to be thicker than 18k gold jewelry to endure the each day existence becoming worn throughout decades.

Excess weight: density of 24k gold is 19,5 while 18k gold density is 15,4. So every single jewelry manufactured in pure gold is just about 30% heavier than the identical jewellery created of 18k gold. Naturally, this has an effect on the selling price of our 24k jewellery as it is heavier and 1 gram of pure gold is much more costly than 1 gram of 18k gold.

Having into account this facts, these are the rationale not all jewellery is made of 24k gold and why 24k gold jewellery really stands out of conventionnal jewelry.

In this article just after, we present various personalized jewellery initiatives manufactured of 24k gold.


  1. Custom 24k gold Rings
  2. Customized Title Necklace
  3. Personalized pendants in 24k gold

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Tailor made 24k Gold Rings

Pure gold ring are designed thicker than 18k gold ring to make certain they will not deformed themselves through the a long time they will be current on your finger.

Pinky Ring

This is the scenario with this small pinky ring engraved with initials and with personalized engraving on the ring’s flanks.

engraved pinky ring custom design

You can apreciate the 3D product of this personalized pinky ring listed here earlier mentioned and the rendering in this article underneath.

custom pure gold ring design with rendering views

In this article is the serious pure gold ring when concluded.

24k pure gold custom pinky ring

pure gold custom jewelry

Signet Ring 

This pure gold signet ring is a custom structure completed with black gold coating. As the particulars are molded in 3D and the gold is coated black, the last polishing reveal all the engraving with a robust color contrast between the 24k deep yellow gold and the dark black gold.

custom pure gold signet ring

rendering view of pure gold ring

 Here you can have a seem at the finished ring.

custom signet ring made in pure gold

pure gold signet ring

pure gold yellow ring with black gold coating

 Wedding Ring

This thin marriage ceremony band is also built in 24k gold and is engraved with branches and leaves and the message in French Joie sans fin (Pleasure with out restrict).

custom wedding band in 24k goldcustom engraved wedding band in 24k gold pure gold wedding ring on finger

24k Gold Identify Ring

Name ring is a standard family members present that can also be made in 24k gold. Such a ring can be manufactured with 2, 3 or even 4 names on the ring (dependent on the duration of the names) like this ring introduced beneath.

custom gold name ring

 You will recognize that each individual title is divided from the others by a smaller coronary heart established with a little diamond.

24k gold name ring

Tailor made Name Necklace 

 A whole lot of customization in jewellery is designed from the names of our purchasers or the name of the man or woman the jewellery is designed for. In the situation of this identify necklace, a partner requested us to make this with the names of his children to supply the personalised necklace to his wife.

We built the name of the 3 young ones in 24k gold when the chain is created in our workshop n 18k gold to give far more resistance to the necklace.

pure gold name necklace

This type of title necklace can effortlessly be personnalized with the amount and dimension of the names, the font utilized to create the names and the form of chain.

custom name necklace

gold name necklace customized

Personalized pendant in 24k Gold

Custom made pendant can also be produced in pure gold next our client’s recommendation. Right here are some examples of custom pure gold pendant manufactured in our workshop.


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