June 6, 2023


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3 Fabrics to Keep You Warm This Winter

If you want to remain warm this winter, then you need to decide and choose a fabric that will help you stay warm and help you maintain the cool that you carry. To achieve that goal, we need to shift our focus on discussing different fabrics out there and how they can help you retain a good look, for example, cotton can help you retain a matte look while it helps you enjoy warmth at the same time. 

Now, the benefit is that you can not only utilize cotton to make sweaters but it will also serve a great utility when it comes to the base layering. And not only that, but another great example of such a material that helps you stay warm and enjoy a cool look is what we know as “down”, as it comes from the geese and ducks. It helps you stay warm and the more down there is to a jacket, the warmer it helps you feel.

1- Cotton

Cotton has proven itself to be one of the best materials out there and there are a couple of reasons why. First of all, it helps a cloth in retaining a matte look so that the apparel doesn’t look outdated, and secondly, it helps the apparel to serve its functionality and not just stay limited to giving off a matte look. Functionality is single-handedly the most powerful criteria that are decided on the basis of ratio and proportion of the beauty of the design and how well the design is able to retain the warmth. If you want to take a look at some beautiful cotton sweaters and hoodies at discounted rates then you can consider using the Noon Coupon Code Egypt at the checkout.

2- Wool

Wool is the warmest material that you can find in the market and reasonably so as it is taken from the sheared sheep and sometimes other animals as well. One of the best things about the material is that it has insulating properties and that is amazing quality as it can help the consumer to keep the temperature trapped inside the sweater. Plus, since the wool is made from sheared sheep and from the shear of other animals, then it reasonably has the property to soak any moisture that gets in the way.

3- Down

Down is one of the greatest materials when it comes to getting the job done as it helps the consumer to retain the temperature inside the apparel that he or she is wearing. Actually, down is made from the feathers of the geese and ducks and that is the reason why it tends to make you feel warmer when you wear it. This is why companies add more down to the jacket if they want to make it warmer and they tend to keep it inside a waterproof material so that the down remains dry and warm.


Not all fabrics are made for everyone and for every purpose. That is why we have to bring many fabrics into the discussion and see which ones help us achieve a greater look and let us enjoy the warmth that we need during the nose-freezing winters. Mostly, you will get to see cotton being used in the products that help you stay warm and that is because they help you keep a matte look and let you enjoy warmth at the same time.