Day: June 5, 2022

12 denim brands to shop for him

Denim: the decades-lasting pattern that is great for nearly every occasion (unless dress pants are needed) and available in a catalog of styles.

Whether you’re finally getting around to Father’s Day shopping or looking to add more pairs to your drawer, our edit of the 12 best men’s jeans will keep you comfortable, cost-effective and clad in those classic cuts.

Not only are we flagging some of the best denim brands for men on your radar, but we hand-picked some of our favorite styles for you to shop for every fit preference: skinny, slim, straight-leg and more.

What’s more, some of these brands overlap with our go-to retailers for women’s jeans — which we listed for you to click and visit before shopping our top waitlist-inducing styles.

Ahead, find the 12 men’s jeans

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Why Size Inclusion Isn’t Always A Good Thing – virtue + vice

When it comes to standardized sizing and size inclusivity in the fashion industry, most consumers agree brands should offer a wide spectrum of sizing options so that people of all shapes and sizes can feel included.

This post was inspired by a conversation I was having with my LMCL students in office hours. Currently, I have quite a few tall ladies making brands to serve tall-girl needs, because there is literally nothing out there for them.

Now, a few people in the class thought this was odd, because aren’t clothes made for super tall and skinny runway models? How could it be that be they can’t find anything that fits?

That lead us into a 2-hour discussion on body types, fashion, and financials, and what inspired me to write this…


Thanks to cancel culture, many influencers and internet mobs have canceled a host of

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The best (and latest) facials to try in the Klang Valley for 2022

Is your skin looking dull, dehydrated or just plain tired? Give your skin the perk-up it deserves with some of the best facials in the Klang Valley

Things have pretty much gone back to normal, to the relief of many. Some are back in the office, five days a week. Some have gone on holidays, near and/or far. Some have indulged in late night catch-ups with loved ones. However, for the skin, things may not look as rosy. Lack of sleep and hydration, constant exposure to the sun, and the usual maskne problems remain. But it’s nothing a good ol’ facial can’t solve. Ahead, we’ve tried and tested some of the best (and latest) facial treatments available in the Klang Valley to target your biggest beauty problems, from acne to dullness to dehydration and beyond. Find our full reviews below:

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