How new Brexit regulations will change the way we buy clothes

But as consumers, what we really want to know is whether clothes will become more expensive and if the clothes we buy will ever arrive on British shores. Here’s a quick guide to what to expect:

How long will it take for clothes to be shipped here from Europe after January 1st?

Much like last year, expect delays for the first few months while Border Control and brands adapt to new rules. And they could be lengthy – don’t buy anything from the EU that you need urgently as delivery could take up to six weeks. After that, delivery times will hopefully shorten. Although shipping will inevitably take longer than it did before, as goods and paperwork now need to be stringently checked.

Will European brands keep refusing to ship to the UK?

Many small European brands may once again pause sales to the UK, but this is mostly a

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Fashion Fan Shares ‘Genius’ Hack to Try on Clothes While Online Shopping

A fashion fan has come with a “genius” way to try on clothes virtually, which people reckon could change online shopping forever.

Buying anything off the internet is a risk, but now you can at least see how clothes look on before pressing the add to cart button.

Fashion start-up Merald shared a series of clips to its TikTok page, @meraldpopup, revealing they simply print off a photo of themselves, then cut out the item they want to try on.

Needless to say they’ve matched up the proportions to their laptop, so their 2D version can try on hundreds of styles as they scroll through various brand’s websites.

They test sweaters, pants, T-shirts and even trainers, with their most popular video amassing nearly 30 million views.

Merald showing their online shopping hack
Swiss start-up Merald simply cut out the clothing they want to model, including pants, T-shirts and even shoes.

“This is what

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Top 10 Indian Fashion Web Sites For Shopping Stylish Clothes Online

Amazon, not best-recognized for fashion, is the most popular destination for purchasing clothing on-line, in accordance with a survey by Internet Retailer. So, can customers cut back the environmental price of fast fashion when out shopping? Choosing an eco-friendly cloth is advanced as there are professionals and cons to all fibre varieties. Garments that are labelled as being produced from natural fibres usually Shopping are not necessarily better than artificial, as fibre alternative is just one part of a fancy picture. Fibres still need to be spun, knitted or woven, dyed, completed, sewn, and transported – all of which have totally different environmental impacts. Vibrant colours, prints and material finishes are interesting options of fashion clothes, however many of these are achieved with poisonous chemical substances.

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ASOS Will Now Collect Your Preloved Clothes, Thanks to Their New DPD Partnership

Shopping at ASOS is about to change, in the best possible way. The fashion retailer has announced a partnership with delivery service DPD on a new circular fashion initiative, called ReLove. The partnership will enable ASOS customers to donate preloved clothing to one of their five leading charities (including Scope, Marie Curie, British Heart Foundation, British Red Cross, and The Children’s Society), when receiving their ASOS orders at their doorstep.

a close up of a cell phone: ASOS Will Now Collect Your Preloved Clothes, Thanks to Their New DPD Partnership

© Getty / SOPA Images
ASOS Will Now Collect Your Preloved Clothes, Thanks to Their New DPD Partnership

The initiative kicks off today, on 15 April, to coincide with the reopening of charity shops in England and Wales, and requires customers to download the YourDPD app to select the option to donate as they await a delivery. The preloved item will then be collected and checked by DPD when they make the customer’s ASOS delivery. The item will then be

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