May 28, 2024


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Beautyritual.Ca Is The Largest Retailer Of Eminence Organic Skin Care Products In Canada

The story of how Eminence Canada Organics was born and how their natural skin care products became so popular in the world can be found in this video.

Eminence Organics: An Overview

In 1958, the Koronczay family outside of Budapest, Hungary started making natural, organic skin care products for their family and friends to use. A centuries-old tradition of pure, organic ingredients and herbal craftsmanship was handed down from local aestheticians to their families.

As the next generation grew up, organics played a much different role within the family. When Boldijarre Koronczay was four years old, he was diagnosed with leukemia and given only a 0.1% chance of survival. Furthermore, he was nurtured by organic and biodynamic food by his mother and grandmother, which helped him become stronger day by day, leading to an unexpected recovery from childhood cancer. After receiving the care that Boldijarre received, he became obsessed with organic ingredients for overall wellness for the rest of his life.

A part of everyday childhood for Boldijarre and his brother, Attila, was using handcrafted, organic skin care. The family of Boldijarre relied on herbal remedies when Boldijarre was suffering from teenage acne. In order to decrease inflammation and irritation, his grandmother used to make him cold compresses of St. John’s Wort. She also made comfrey cream at home to soothe minor ailments. As a descendant of the Boldijarre family, Boldijarre pursued his own years of study to become a Master Aesthetician and is now heading Eminence Canada organics together with his brother Attila.

Atic and Boldijarre

As a successful international company, Boldijarre and Attila have continued the family’s vision, keeping strongly rooted in Hungary and standing by its time-honored organic traditions. Embracing organic and biodynamic farming practices, Eminence Organics ensures plants are harvested at their peak of vitality in Hungary at the Eminence Certified Organic Farm. While celebrating their heritage, they are also expanding internationally. With offices in Vancouver, Canada and operations in more than 50 countries around the world, Eminence Organics continues to grow.

Organic Farm by Eminence

Is their growth the result of some secret? Natural, organic, Biodynamic, and professional skin care products that provide both health and effectiveness are our passions. The products from Eminence Organics contain fresh fruits, plants and herbs that are potent and nourishing. Their nutritional value is not diminished by heating or hydrogenating. No animal testing is conducted on these products. Furthermore, Aromatherapy Associates product line is free of harmful chemical ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate and propylene glycol. Eminence Organics products contain only the purest and most natural ingredients at the end of the process, from seed to spa shelf.

It is Eminence Organics’ belief that what’s good for the skin should also be good for the earth, as Boldijarre states, “we hope to leave the world a better place than when we found it.”

A certified B CorporationTM, their environmental performance is subject to strict guidelines, including accountability and transparency. Sustainable agriculture is practiced by this company, which strives to be Earth-friendly in every way. Eco-solutions are incorporated into Eminence Organics at every stage, including solar panels and windmills on ingredient farms. Additionally, every retail product purchased is a tree planted. With over 11 million trees planted so far, their Forests for the future initiative continue to plant trees every day.

Foundation for Excellence Kids

Through the Eminence Kids Foundation, Eminence Organics supports communities in addition to their Forests for the future program. Taking inspiration from Boldijarre’s journey as a leukemia survivor, the Koronczay family strives to provide organic foods and juices to seriously ill children.

A nutrient-rich diet with organic ingredients is indispensable to the healing process and to long-term health. Eminence Organics donates a portion of its proceeds to the Foundation for sustainable living. Children and their families are supported in several cities across the globe by the foundation which has locations in Hungary, the U.S. and Canada.

How important do you think it is to lead an organic lifestyle? Check out some of our other organic skincare lines and tell us what you think in the comments.